More than Van Gogh's and Da Vinci -- Here's everything Binance CEO had to say at the press conference

In addition to how Binance is going to launch NFT versions of the priceless artwork done by artists like Da Vinci and Van Goh, the company’s latest press conference soon turned into a deep dive into the future of Binance and its CEO.

Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao disclosed that the company will be augmenting its approach towards regulation.

The crypto exchange has long been touted for its decentralised operations. However, Zhao’s future plans involve making Binance a licensed financial institution in all the countries where it operates.

The company even launched a new tax reporting tool to track activity – a move of goodwill towards regulators.

And, since this is such a big ‘pivot’ for the company, Binance is now on the look out new a regulatory wizard who can step in as CEO. Zhao is willing to step down but isn’t likely to go anywhere, any time soon.